Organizational Description


Associated Scientists at Woods Hole

Box 721

Woods Hole, MA 02543

(508) 540-5050


Associated Scientists at Woods Hole, Inc. (ASWH) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization formed for the purpose of enhancing the development and execution of scientific studies of all kinds. ASWH, established in 1979, is composed of about 20 members including engineers, lawyers, architects, businessmen, and scientists from the Woods Hole community. The organization is steered by a five-member board of directors; Mr. Richard H. Campbell is president. Associated Scientists' has promoted multinational marine research in South American waters in cooperation with Spain and the Organization of American States, and has hosted a number of international workshops and visiting scholars. ASWH has in the past provided a stateside office and administrative facilities for the Bermuda Biological Station. ASWH has provided writing, editorial, and publications production services to the Ocean Drilling Program, Texas A&M University; and to the Minerals Management Service, U.S. Department of the Interior. Some of ASWH's activities are, or have been, a USAID project for technical education of West African students; oceanographic studies of Spanish coastal waters including the Alboran Sea and the continental shelf; studies of volcanology and sea floor processes in the Mediterranean and the Pacific; description of Atlantic ocean currents using RAFOS floats; use of natural radionuclides to estimate oceanic particle flux and rates of organic matter transport; studies on deep sea corals (molecular differentiation and biogeography); analysis of marine mammal feeding requirements on the outer continental shelf; R&D on airborne science technology; and studies of right whales, with emphasis on habitat characterization and mitigation of human impacts, off the coast of northeastern Florida.








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